XA6800 (08 Version) Integrated Amplifier

XA6800(08) is a stereo integrated amplifier, upgrade from XA6800, add some new functions.

It takes 3 pcs integrated operational amplifier as pre-amplification, with features of good linearity, small distortion, high resolution.

The power amplify circuit has the features of low non-linear distortion and transient intermodulation distortion, wide frequency response.

It takes fine-performance field-effect tube for voltage amplify stage;output transistors are two pairs MJE15024/MJE15025.

Power supply: consist of a toroidal transformer with high-power and good-quality,  two gold-seal rectifier bridge and 40000uF filtering electrolytic capacitor.  And the power for left and right channel are completely independent. Iutput : 3*RCA、1*XLR; Output: 2* Speaker. With RC, and full protection.

Its timbre same as old XA6800, better equilibrium sense, transparent; The whole audio band bright and natural.

Technical ParametersProduct Details Photo
Parameter NameParameter Values
S/N Ratio≥93dB
Input Impedance47K
Power Consumption280W
Power Consumption(Static State)150W
Frequency Response10Hz-100KHz
Input3 RCA, 1 XLR
Rated Output Power2*80W (8 ohm)
Remote ControlYes
Net Weight20Kg
Dimensions (W*H*D)430mm x 430mm x 140mm
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