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Brief History of Xindak | Awards

Chengdu XINDAK Electronics Co., Ltd. is China's leading hi-fi manufacturing enterprises, except to producing its own Xindak, Audreal, Soundright brands Hi-Fi amplifier, CD player, speakers, Hi-Fi cables and other products, also provide OEM, ODM service for world well-known audio brand in the industry, with high visibility and reputation.

All the products of Xindak have the company's profound culture and Hi-Fi design idea accumulated for long time. The unique structural technique and excellent materials of the products always keep ahead in the audio industry and win the customers' support and trust. The products of the company have won many prices in the past years, and Xindak brand has been authorized as "Chengdu Famous Brand" by Chengdu Municipal and the consumers' favorite brand investigated by the professional media for many years. Xindak is sure to be the world famous audio brand, which can endure any test.



Chengdu Xinda Audio & Lighting Equipment Factory (the former of Xinda Audio) was established.


The equipment operating department of Chengdu Xinda Audio engaged in audio industry, and was the first dealer of "Hi-Fi Audio" in Chengdu, which operated the Hivi loudspeaker, Bada and Shengya power amplifier etc.


The equipment operating department of Wuhan Xinda Audio was established, which was the first Hi-Fi audio equipment shop in Wuhan. The shop was full of consumers in the three days of its opening.


Chengdu Xinda Audio Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established and entered into the audio manufacturing field, and then the company took "Xindak" as its products' brand.


The company produced the special audio capacitances, "Xindak" MKP series capacitances and changed the situation that the foreign products occupied the audio market.


The company produced XA6450 and XA6500 power amplifiers of combination mode.


The first series of cone loudspeaker unit was put into production, and the company entered into the electronic audio field.


XA8200/XA8500 power amplifiers won the title of "The most favorite product" in the First Domestic Video & Audio Exhibition convened in Chengdu, and the bookshelf loudspeaker box C2.0 won the title of "The favorite product".


XA8200L/XA8700 won the title of "The most favorite" in the Second Domestic Video & Audio Exhibition convened in Wuhan, and XA6600 and C1.0 bookshelf loudspeaker box won the title of "The favorite product".


Xindak released flagship amplifier XA8800M, which won much attention of the audio industry and the Hi-Fi fans and won the title of "The most favorite product" in the Third Domestic Video & Audio Equipment Exhibition.


XA3200/XA8500 won the title of "The most favorite product", and Xindak was the only power amplifier brand, which won the title for three times.


The company developed the products of family cinema series.


The power amplifiers were successively exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia etc.


The company produced OEM products of Canadian investors.


The company released AV9700 5.1 sound track power amplifier in the First Guiyang Audio Exhibition, and then released AV9500K and AV9300 series of family cinema and related surround loudspeaker. Xindak entered into series products' development and production of AV power amplifiers.


The company released XA6800 integrated amplifier, which won the title of "Home-made elaborate brand" in the Third Shanghai Audio Exhibition, and won the titles of " Professionals' consistent appraisement" and "Consumers' consistent appraisement" in the Fifth Domestic Audio Equipment Exhibition in October 1993. The product had brilliant appearance, unique design technique, circuit, and excellent audio effect with good cost performance. The product won much attention and respect among Hi-Fi fans, and sold well in China.


Xindak established sodality of Hi-Fi fans, and the members were from all over the country. It created extensive social benefits for Xindak.


Xindak released the famous bookshelf loudspeaker "Compass 1st" in Chengdu, and released "Compass 2nd" in the same year. The company completed the series development of Xindak Hi-Fi loudspeaker of top and middle grade and won high appraisement of Hi-Fi fans and various audio media.


Xindak held the First Music & Audio Appreciation in Chengdu Red Star Hotel.


Xindak moved to its new workshop, and the name of Chengdu Xinda Audio Manufacturing was changed to Xindak Electronic Co.,Ltd.


With the big success of XA6800, Xindak released integrated amplifier XA6800SE (Autographed Version, Limited to 500 units). It was inlayed by metal and walnut, which is more artistic, still with excellent timbre. After its release, there were excellent feedbacks from the market and the product got consentaneous favourable comment from specialists in The 6th Domestic Audio Equipment Exhibition held in Oct. 2000.


Xindak produced power amplifier XA7800 of combination mode, P160 which replaced Hi-Fi product XA8700 of middle grade, and the final version XA3200 for the working class.


Xindak's first digital audio decoder, DAC-1 was released, which indicated that Xindak had entered into digital audio field of hi-tech from the production of pure Hi-Fi analog power amplifier and loudspeakers.


After the success of XA6800, Xindak produced the Integrated Amplifier A100. It got high positive comments from domestic integrated Hi-Fi amplifier competition held by "Audio World" association. In the same year, it got consentaneous favourable comment from specialists in The 6th Domestic Audio Equipment Exhibition. It has also been rated as 5-star product by


Xindak released the first DVD/CD duplex line player XDV2000, with excellent sound and image effect, it got high popularity among AV/Hi-Fi fans.


Xindak was appraised as one of the Readers' Most Favorite Top 5 Brands by the "CHINA AVPHILE".


XA6800SE was awarded as the excellent power amplifier by "Super AV".


Xindak and Guangzhou Boliang Audio held a Xindak Music & Audio Promotional event, and held an auction of the last XA6800SE.


Xindak produced DAC-2 and DAC-3 digital audio decoder.


Xindak released 100 sets of century machine, and provided a set of hi-fi system machine for the Hi-Fi lovers.


Xindak released a Hi-Fi duplex line CD/DVD player with much higher technical content. It was progressive scanning, double decoding and more stable quality for sound/image. It has been received favourable comments from specialist in The 7th Domestic Audio Equipment Exhibition (in Nanning) and The 8th Beijing International Audio & Record Exhibition.


Xindak began to develop and produce hi-fi cable, and provide cable with good quality and low price for Hi-Fi fans.


Xindak released the top model A200B integrated amplifier in A series. The product won the prize of "The professionals' consistent appraisement" in the 7th Domestic Audio Equipment Exhibition and won the first prize of audience's subjective audition general appraisement of 8th Hi-Fi (Beijing) International Audio & Record Exhibition.


The S100 bookshelf loudspeaker box was awarded as the excellent loudspeaker with low price by "Super AV".


Xindak was appraised as the Readers' most favorite homemade brand again by "CHINA AVPHILE".


Xindak released A100MkII Integrated Amplifier.


Xindak signed formal letter of authority for producing SACD with Sony and Philips companies.


Xindak produced unique loadspeaker with flat foil band style and signal wire, which obtained the national patent.


Xindak produced the first digital sound resource SACD super audio laser player SCD-1 and SCD-2. There was a product press conference held in Shanghai together with Sony and Philips.


Xindak began to develop Hi-END valve tubes for the Hi-END fans.


Xindak launched XA3200S/XA3200MKII tube preamplifier and XA8600 Class-A power amplifier.


Xindak launched F series audio cable which adopt copper silver alloy as the material. This series contain speaker cable, interconnect cable and power cable. F series got high appraised as soon as launched into the market.


Xindak launched XF500/XF1000 power conditioner, 2A/6A silver fuse, VT series Damper-shackles and HIFI accessories. These products got ovation among the audiophiles.


Under the guilding ideology of innovation, Xindak launched novelty-surface XA6900SE. It won "Expert consistent compliment" on Domestic Audio Equipment Exhibition and "Expert consistent recommendation" on Beijing International Audio & Record Exhibition.


Xindak launched flagship F-Gold Gold and Silver Alloy Foil series audio cable which base on the F series. Its high quality and perfect performance attracted audiophiles' favor. F-Gold series also popular in Europe and joined into the world market to compete with world-wide well know cables. Xindak became the most famous audio cable manufacturer in China and the cable production line contain entry, middle and high level series.


XA6950 Class-A integrated amplifier which base on XA6900SE won "Expert consistent compliment" on 2003 Domestic Audio Equipment Exhibition and 2003 Home Audio Equipment Show.


Xindak developed the first High-end outlay computer sound card and multimedia loudspeaker box. Accordingly, Xindak starts its path on multivariate development.


Xindak launched CD1 series CD-Player and attracted great attention in the industry.


Xindak launched XA6900 hybrid integrated amplifier.


Xindak launched CS6.0 integrated amplifier.


Xindak products got compliments from France HIFI fans after Xindak entered into the France market.


A100 integrated amplifier was appraised as the most recommend product by French magazine.


Xindak launched FS-3 new foil strip style loudspeaker cable.


Xindak audio cable was high appraised in Russia market. FP-1 power cable won the five stars recommend product by "DVD Expert" in Russia.


Xindak launched XA8800MN, A600 and other high-end amplifiers. These products attracted great attention domestically.


Xindak released Nature Series Products with the idea of energy conservation, environmental protection and pleasant to hear. Products consist of 4 categories, included Digital Amplifier, Tube Preamp, CD Player and Decoder

History Pictures

Xindak brand has been authorized as "Chengdu Famous Brand" by Chengdu Municipal

The adjunct nomarch of Sichuan, Mr. Wang hengfeng visit Xindak

Xindak moved to its new workshop

Mr.Liu Hansheng (middle), famous audio reviewer, Chief Editor of Audio Forum of Taiwan is visiting company's Exhibition Room at Beijing International Audio Exhibition Fair

Group Photo with Guests from Vifa Company, Denamrk

The famous XA-8500 series amplifier

The 6800SE amplifier won many honours

6800 amplifier, well-received products by customers

Xindak hi-fi duplicate line CD/DVD player

The first SACD player in China

Xindak XA6950 integrated amplifier is awarded compliments many times during years.

Xindak CS6.0 classicality integrated amplifier.

Xindak CD-Player.

A600E, XA8800MNE and other Xindak products show on the 2005 Guangzhou Hi-Fi Show.

XA8250/XA8800MNE fission style amplifiers were high appraised by consumers, keeping supply falls short of demand situation.

Xindak launched A600E Class-A integrated amplifier.

CA-1 Pre-Amplifier & PA-1 mono power amplifier(2007-11).

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