XTT-1 Output Transformer

Principle of work: XTT-1 adopts Passive Design, which enables it to work without power supply. Connecting this transformer between solid amplifier and loudspeaker, could match the impedance for solid amplifier with the impedance for loudspeaker better, avoid the influence to the amplifier caused by the back electromotive force of loudspeaker, in order to decrease kinds of distortion and make the tone color of the solid amplifiers close to the tube amplifier"s.

XTT-1 attached output transformer could increase the softness of the Medium High, quantity sense of Low-Medium, and elasticity of the Low, widen the sound stage and improve the analysis ability and expressive force.

Technical ParametersProduct Details Photo
Parameter NameParameter Values
Input Impedance0 ohm-4 ohm-8 ohm (Optional)
Output Impedance0 ohm-4 ohm-8 ohm (Optional)
Frequency Response10 Hz~100 KHz (-15dB)
Rated Output Power150W
Net Weight9.5Kg
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